4C Trail
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4C Trail
Standard 4C Trail Map with added mileage information at major landmarks. This map is available at the Racliff Lake RA pay station with a detailed description on the back. Also visit the two interactive maps; 4C South and 4C north on this website. t
  4C Trail, Topo Map
Detailed 4C Trail topo map available at Charlie Williams website, Ouachita Maps, for free download or a waterproof version at a nominal fee (two map set). Site also includes detailed mileage associated with points on the map. I highly recommend this map.
4C Trail, Davy Crockett NF Overview.
Link to overview map of the Davy Crocket National Forest including major highways from various directions.

4C Trail, Hunter's Camp Map
Link to overview map of Davy Crocket National Forest with Hunter's Camp locations marked. This may be helpful if you were caching water or wanted to drive in to Pond Camp.

SmartPhone Option: Maprika.com
Download the Maprika APP, search for "Four C Hiking Trail" and track your location. Caution: Cell coverage can be sporadic in the National Forest depending on your carrier.

4C Trail, Motor Vehicle Usage MapLink to US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Usage Map of Davy Crocket NF. Could be useful for caching water along any of the Forest Service Roads that the 4C Trail crosses.

4C Trail
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